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Lismore Farm has been in the Barry family since 1844. It was used as a horse breeding farm for the Dutch East India Company.

A post office trading post was established where transport riders exchanged horses.

In later years Thomas Barry planted and grew Tobacco. The first cold storage plant and rooms in South Africa were erected on the farm and can still be seen today. Cigars were produced (the holders in which the cigars were made and the certificates dating back to that time can be seen on request).

The enterprising Thomas Barry laid a pipeline through the farm and erected a Pelton wheel driven by water. Lismore Farm had electricity before the town of Swellendam.


Farming Activities

Since 1970 Lismore has mainly been a dairy farm. The highest concentration of Jerseys in South Africa is found in this area. A Nguni herd was formed in 2000.


Lismore Farm is a member of the Groot Vaders Bosch conservancy formed in 1992. A conservancy is a group of farms on which neighbours have pooled their resources for the purpose of conserving wild life, together with the adoption of farming practices ensuring sustainable agriculture production.



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